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By Bhau Kalchuri

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In 2001, Bhau Kalchuri underwent a triple coronary bypass operation.  After an initial upbeat recovery, his spirits plummeted into the very deepest abyss.  But one night, Meher Baba came to him in an visit Bhau later termed an “Awakening.”  Once again, Bhau’s spirits joyously soared.

Although these Awakenings generally occurred at night, they were neither dreams nor hallucinations and were far more vivid than either.  They occurred during a limited time span of approximately one year, and in beautiful, flowing language, recapitulated and expanded upon aspects of the spiritual path, Meher Baba’s message and His Manifestation, the rigorous life lived by His Mandali and further insights into Meher Baba’s New Life.

Very soon after, these Awakenings ceased.

85 of these Awakenings, including a transcript of an actual Awakening in progress, have now been collected in a beautiful 429 page volume.

Persian Translation by Shahin Khorsandi

Copyright © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust

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