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Hazrat Babajan

By K.K.Krishna

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“When the Avatar takes an incarnation in the human form, he brings upon himself a veil; and this veil has to be removed by some master or masters.

‘The veil with which the Avatar descends in the human form is placed upon him by the five Perfect Masters who bring him down from his formless being. In the Avataric periods, the five masters always put this veil upon the infinite consciousness of the Avatar, because if he were to be brought without such a veil into the world of forms, the existing balance between reality and illusion would be profoundly disturbed.

‘However, when the five masters think that the moment is ripe, they remove this veil which they have placed on the Avataric consciousness. From that moment the Avatar consciously starts his role as the Avatar.

‘The incarnation of the Avatar does not take place unless it is precipitated by the five Perfect Masters of the cycle.”  —Avatar Meher Baba

Persian Translation by Parvin Khademi

Hazrat Babajan , the emperor of the spiritual realm of her time, was one of the Perfect Masters. It was through Babajan’s kiss that Meher Baba became aware of His Godhood.

Hazrat Babajan
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