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Compiled from talks and original tape recordings of Mehera J. Irani. Dust jacket notes: “Whenever God comes on earth as Man – as Ram, for example, or as Krishna, as Jesus, or in this time as Meher Baba – it is always the case that one person among His close ones plays a special role as His most important disciple. This is the role of the ‘Divine Counterpart’, the ‘Beloved’ of the Divine Beloved, whose love for Him is unique in its purity and its one-pointedness. This is the role of Sita, of Radha, of Mary – and this time, of Mehera. Mehera Baba has declared that this long heralded and much-expected Advent, The Kalki Avatar for Hindus, the Maitreiya Buddha for Buddhists, the Second Coming for Christians, is the last Divine Incarnation in this cycle of cycles. As such, Meher Baba has indicated that His Manifestation on earth will accordingly be the greatest in its scope and impact. Perhaps one of the first signs of the special significance of this Advent can be found in the most exquisite beauty of Mehera’s life with Baba and in the opportunity which He has given His lovers to partake of the inspiration of that life. For in her role as the divine companion to the God-Man, Mehera has become a divine reflection of Him, providing a glimpse of what true love can be through her example and her stories of her life with Him. This book, then, provides a glimpse of Mehera, and through her, of Love, Itself, personified in the form of Perfect Man, who in this age is known as Meher Baba.”

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