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Our Journey

Divinity is awakening us to the Unitary nature of creation using surprising ploys.  One such ploy is the pandemic that has helped obscure individual distinctions and differences through masking, and has pushed for global inclusiveness and collaboration through virtual meetings in ways that have exploded existing limits.


MeherSepas virtual meetings and it’s supporting web site emerged out of this wave of awakening.  It is focussed on exploring Avatar Meher Baba’s message of Love  and on fostering connections with a delightful and growing community of lovers of God.


People from around the world join us for diverse, bilingual programs that encourage group participation and include celebration of special events, live entertainment, presentation by guests close to Meher Baba, and through inspiring video footage that awakens the essence of love within us. 


As we step into this new era of awakening, change and transformation, we invite you to join us in opening the yet unopened chapters of this divine romance that reveals in each page more clues for unravelling the secrets of "Love, Unity, and A New Humanity."


Awakening Corner


 JULY  12, 2024


Meher Baba Meeting

Via Virtual Meeting


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Ocean of Grace

"Ocean of Grace" brings Meher Baba's teachings as the basis to an effective psychological approach called 'Cognitive Behavior Therapy' (CBT). 
CBT aids one dissolve automatic negative habits of thought and helps change one's core belief, in this case, in alignment with Baba's Truth. 
These diaries have helped many cope with their life situations, often feeling that the message was written just for them.  The rich content and the skillfully written daily passages provide a tool for how to better deal with difficulties at hand and rise above it all.
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