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Our Journey
What got us started?

Like the rest of the world we gasped for air when the pandemic struck and found ourselves disconnected from our loved ones and the world.  We felt a big need to reconnect in some way and it was clear that divinity was nudging us to find new ways that are more aligned with the divine plan, which always drives for more inclusiveness.  


Overnight, the divine plan covered our faces, our expressions of individuality and separateness, in mask such that sometimes we could not recognize others and tell people apart.  Yes, divinity is bent on awakening us to the fundamental truth that there are no differences and that we are all one and should strive to find unity in the midst of diversity. 

We started with virtual gathering ...

After getting started on Zoom meetings with family and friends, the thought occurred why not commence on starting some intimate spiritual gatherings reflecting on the teachings of Meher Baba. That was the beginning of our journey to getting reconnected with an amazing community, and presenters who have helped bring the message of “LOVE, UNITY AND A NEW HUMANITY” to many who have grown a big thirst for these ideas and for Truth.

Now we are ...

having people joining us from all corners of the world, and we have gone through many amazing zoom meeting events offering a variety of programs, from celebrations to commemorations for great spiritual figures, to international live entertainments, readings and translations of rich Persian poetry, and much more.  We produce inspiring video footages for most occasions and encourage group participation to awaken the inner essence of love that we all need, now more than ever before.  Yes, we have embarked on a “NEW LIFE”

What is next ...

It is an unwritten chapter, and we await with joyful anticipation its writing by the One Without a Second, as he opens this totally new chapter on "Love, Unity and A New Humanity" for us. It is this writing that will reveal how to live our lives in this brand-new era, amidst colossal change and global transformation.  

We wholeheartedly invite you to read along with us as, to our total amazement and delight, the invisible ink is made visible; word by word, page by page.  No doubt, with each other’s help we can better align with this Divine Event that Meher Baba described as “..something that has never happened before..”,  and it is through companionship that we can best surrender to this boundless, beautiful and benevolent Ocean of Grace.   


Awakening Corner


 MARCH  24, 2023


Persian Baba Meeting

Via Virtual Meeting


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Ocean of Grace

"Ocean of Grace" brings Meher Baba's teachings as the basis to an effective psychological approach called 'Cognitive Behavior Therapy' (CBT). 
CBT aids one dissolve automatic negative habits of thought and helps change one's core belief, in this case, in alignment with Baba's Truth. 
These diaries have helped many cope with their life situations, often feeling that the message was written just for them.  The rich content and the skillfully written daily passages provide a tool for how to better deal with difficulties at hand and rise above it all.
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