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The entire fabric of the universe serves but one purpose...;the realization of God" Beams:17

Meher Baba Mehersepas

Meher Baba's
Second Miracle

Part 1

'Part One of Five'

We are at the threshold of a monumental change, the likes of which has never happened before. The enormity of it is such that Beloved Baba called it his ‘Second Miracle’, a Divine Event as immense and as colossal as the act of Creation itself. He said:

My first great miracle was this whole creation, and the second will be when I break my silence.

Online Lord Meher pp 3858. 1955 Meherabad

It is surprising how many times Beloved Baba repeated this theme.  On another occasion he said:

Mine will be the Miracle of all miracles. It will be when I break my silence. It will be the first and last miracle of its kind since Creation.
Online Lord Meher PP 5254 , 1966

And again:

...when I break my silence, the first and the last of the greatest of all miracles will be performed.
Online Lord Meher pp 3510 , 1954

As early as 1927 he alluded to this work. He said :

I have a law of my own for managing the affairs of the universe.  But when I speak, that law will be kept aside, because the spiritual push will be universal. So, the law which I have created for the universe will be set aside.
Online Lord Meher pp 821, 1927

Baba used the word "universal’’ and said the spiritual push will be universal; not for just a few but universal, for all!

Sometimes, because we are not able to properly register the impact of Baba’s sayings, we gently step over them and think they were metaphors; that he was exaggerating or that he spoke in a language we do not understand. But as Baba frees us from old habits of thinking and his new dispensation takes hold, we begin to register them for what they are: concrete statements of Truth.

For example, Baba said:

“What is going to happen, you have no idea – something that has never happened before”
Online Lord Meher pp 5311 , 1968


“That which is to happen after 21 May 1968, will be something great, something that has never happened before, something that will not happen again for billions and billions of years.”
Online Lord Meher pp 5333 , 1968

He later changed the date to end of July 1968 and on July 30th, he stated unequivocally:

“My work is done. It is completed 100 percent to my satisfaction.  The result of this work will also be 100 percent and will manifest from the end of September [1968]”
Online Lord Meher pp 5340 , 1968

Baba said He was not just ending a cycle of 7 Avatars but a cycle of cycles. He said:

“All cycles of time in illusion end and begin after 700 to 1400 years. There have been and will be millions and billions of such cycles in a cycle of cycles.”
Online Lord Meher pp 5340 , 1954

And that :

“This is the last cycle of cycles, ....”
Online Lord Meher pp 4677 , 1960

The following account in the Family Letter related in 1967 by Mani, underlines this monumental change:

“Recently the Beloved has been telling us, not much of the close at hand breaking of His Silence, but of the monumental changes that will come about on Earth when he does so. One morning while we were sitting at breakfast with Baba and a hummingbird was hovering before a windowpane in ecstasy, of its own reflection, we got to talking of His Silence.

Illustrating for us the completeness of the transformation that will take place in the world after He breaks His silence, Baba cupped his left hand loosely over his right as though he were holding a big ball and then with deft movement brought his right hand over his left in an absolute turnover of the imaginary ball’s position. “Upside down”, one of us interpreted. With a half smile Baba gestured “Right side up.”


There is no ambiguity in these statements, Baba is initiating a new Cycle of Cycles which will bring about a colossal change, the likes of which has happened only once before, when creation as we now know it, was first struck. This brings to mind Hazrat Babajan’s words; son will shake the world to its foundation.”

The breaking of Silence dissolves the old to make room for the New and Baba was clear that this work was 100% completed to his satisfaction; not 99% but 100%.  One way to think about this is to recognize that the first creation
ushered in by Baba’s first miracle is now ending and the Second Creation, marshaled by his second miracle, has just begun.

The first creation was primarily focused on evolution and reincarnation; a journey from the core of life to its periphery, aimed at maturing the structures of consciousness through innumerable experiences.

During the first creation, involution was the exception to the norm, and individuals ascended the spiritual path one at a time with great effort. The second half of creation, just beginning, is primarily focused on involution and the journey back to the source, which will no longer be the exception, but will become the norm. In other words, things will be turned around and made right side up.  In the Discourse titled “Avatar” Baba made the astonishing statement that:

Qualities of energy and awareness, which had been used and enjoyed by only a few advanced souls, are made available for all humanity.
DISCOURSES, 7th ed, pp. 266-270

After all, Baba did say that ‘the spiritual push will be universal’. This will be so because divinity itself has broken out of its Silence and has washed over creation in a descendant deluge of Grace.

The initial divine wave that issued forth from the Ocean of Silence, has now crested and is beginning to fall back into the Ocean.

The wave had gone out of the Ocean as far as it could, and in the process had completed the structures of consciousness and had refined all experience through evolution and reincarnation. That was the goal of the first miracle. And now, it is the Ocean that reaches out to the waves and embraces them.

We have journeyed far; lifetimes sailing the surface of open seas, using our intellect and mind to wade in the shallows. But the time has now come to leave the mind behind and follow our heart. It is time to hazard the journey from the shallows into the depths of the Ocean, from the mind to the heart, ... the one Universal Heart.

Part 2

'Part Two of Five'

Manifestation and Descendant Spirituality

To bring into existence something completely new, primordial forces of divinity have to be invoked.  Forces that have not been organized, shaped, or structured in any way.  That is to say, forces that are completely Silent.  This Silence must break-out so it can Manifest as a New Creation.  And so, Baba brought down and anchored the Silence through his own body by observing and thus embodying the Silence.

Baba was clear that his second miracle happened when he broke his Silence and he manifested.

So, this is the age of Manifestation.  Manifestation means a descent of the glorious radiance of divinity and its anchoring down here on Earth in our every-day lives. Thus, Baba’s admonition to live a normal life in the world.  


With Baba’s second miracle, Silence breaks out of its primordial infinitude and oozes out of the OM point and rushes in rivers of divinity to manifest and give birth to a New Creation, a New Life, a New Humanity; a New Earth; just as it once birthed the first Creation; the one that is being superseded and supplanted. The ocean now floods the rivers

In describing his work and what he had done to bring the silence down in a descendent downpour, he gave several point to Bhouji and said:

“I am going to give you a few important points about my manifestation. Write each point down.”

What Baba said included the following points:

“ …there are seven doors in my abode … Each door remains closed to all those bound in illusion … The aim of involution is to open these seven doors to experience my Infinity.

“The first door is extremely difficult to open … I come to open these seven doors . . . I work to cut a hole in the first door … that door leads to the first plane … This cutting is my work during my lifetime.”

Meher Baba Avtar of the age Manifesting: Bhau Kalchuri, pp.189.

His use of language is most interesting; he opened the doors but actually cuts a permanent hole in the first door.  Well, the first door opens to the first plane, where involution begins, and now a permanent hole is cut that allows involution to proceed unhindered and, in his words, ‘universally’

By cutting this hole, Baba flooded creation with divine energies that allow involution to become the primary mode of life - the norm. 

In summary, during this second creation, which has already begun, Silence floods creation in descendant downpours of Grace and will initiate the processes of descendant spirituality on a mass scale.  This new pattern will replace the old ascendant path of spirituality, which allowed only a few individuals to ascend on the path.

In the transitional phase we are in now, when the old and the new still sway back and forth, at times the new laws of the Unitary world sweep in and things happen that appear miraculous. They often take the shape of unlikely coincidences, revealing the inter-dependencies of things in the Unitary realm that is taking over.   

'Part Three of Five'

The Transition

When the shattering changes that begin to consume us take hold, our internal structures begin to crumble, and we are catapulted out of our comfort zone; but only to find a new anchor in a place closer to our Beloved. For a period, however, we feel lost, with not even a memory of our sweet honeymoon with our Beloved.  But such periods are transitory, they will pass.  Baba said:

It is natural that at times you feel 100% miserable. Be sure that I know everything. When everything goes wrong, the mind becomes helpless and has to rely on the heart. 

These are the moments when you resign to my will and rely solely on my help. When you leave all to Me, I dare not neglect you, and you get relief from your predicament. I am the Ocean of Love and Compassion.


Once the flood of Silence has submerged creation in a deluge of Love and Grace, we will all feel utterly dependent on that Grace for survival itself.  That is when we surrender to the Divine will in earnest and will know in our heart that we now live in the dazzling beauty and embracing harmony of a New Creation, where the utter glory of Oneness reigns supreme and consumes us in a natural experience of unconditional Love.

Unity and Equality 

The hallmark of the New Creation is Unity and Equality. Baba has explained:

 It is my God-ordained work to awaken humanity to the inviolable unity and inalienable divinity of all life. Know that you are in essence eternal, and heirs to infinite knowledge, bliss and power.

LIFE AT ITS BEST, pp. 60-61

In Farsi, there is an expression ‘Baraadari va Baraabari’ that equates brotherliness with equality.  In the paragraph below Baba uses the word ‘brotherly’ in this way:

“…in years to come the world will reach a zenith of anti-God thinking, immorality, lust and greed, because the ending of a vast cycle of cycles is taking place. But after the climax a new era of real brotherly love will be ushered in by God, who knows all that is going on."

Online Lord Meher, PP 2613, 1948 


Part 3

'Part Four of Five'

The two facets of the Avatar’s Work.

So, how are we to reconcile all the detailed explanations Baba has provided about the old, Ascendant path of spirituality now that he has prepared a brand-new Descendant path for his New Creation? 

Meher Baba has explained that the work of each Avatar has two facets: The first facet is living out the program he laid out in his previous advent.  According to Eruch, Baba said, as Meher Baba he was living out what he had programmed as prophet Muhammed.

The other facet focuses on sowing seeds that over time bloom to prepare the groundwork and program for the Avatar’s next advent. This second work often takes centuries or even millennia before it is established well enough for the Avatar’s next advent.    Now, let us see how this plays into Baba’s second Miracle.

The Avatar previous to Meher Baba was Prophet Muhammad, who presented himself to the public as a simple man, a servant of God and not as God in human form.  He said the goal of life was to go to Paradise - no mention of God Realization. Heaven and hell were depicted as places rather than mental states.  Heaven was a lush orchard with palm trees, rivers and beautiful maidens, and hell was an inferno. If he were to say what he later clarified as Meher Baba; namely that neither hell nor heaven should be regarded as places and that they are mental state, it would not compute for the people of Arabia 1,400 years ago.  Dimensions of life other than the physical were unknown, except to mystics. It is easy to forget that even Psychological dimensions that are now common knowledge, were unknown to most until the 20th century.

It took 1,400 years of ardent effort and sacrifice by remarkable spiritual figures to enable the next Avatar, Meher Baba, to give out a book like God Speaks that proclaimed the goal of life as God realization and to provide detailed information on the spiritual path, with hardly anyone raising an eyebrow.  And now, within a few short decades, some of this information is almost common knowledge. 

The seeds of these truths were, indeed, sown by Prophet Muhammad, but they were watered and nurtured by the sacrifices and even blood of many holy ones, who prepared the groundwork before humanity was ready for Baba’s messages of God realization.

One way to think this, is to consider that Baba had to wrap-up the old creation, even as he brought forth the New Creation. Baba’s second creation is built on the foundation of the first creation, through which consciousness evolved and was prepared for the Involutionary journey.  Therefore, as the last Avatar of the Cycle of Cycles, Baba culled, clarified and condensed the spiritual gnosis of the entire old creation from different spiritual streams in God Speaks and his other works. About God Speaks he said it would be the last book of its kind and he asked us to read it and re-read it.  By so doing we benefit from the entire harvest of grace accumulated in the first half of creation, which he has made universally available to all

Being the last book of its kind suggests that the New Creation will rely less and less on words; a pattern established by Baba throughout his life as he continued to decrease his reliance on words; first by not speaking them, then by not writing them and finally by not even spelling them.  Words, however, will continue to remain useful, just as reflexes are still useful to us but function in the background and do not run our lives.  As principles of the New Creation are pondered, assimilated, and thus anchored on Earth, it becomes easier for all to know them. Words can serve as a springboard to get us catapulted into Baba’s new world. 

Part 4

'Part Five of Five'

Why Focus on Baba?

Baba repeatedly admonished us not to be concerned about all the inner planes and other details of the spiritual path that he had so painstakingly elaborated on. That information, he explained, was not relevant to those who would follow him.  Loving him would align us with the new ways he had designed for his New Creation.  All his admonitions focused on living a normal life, and in a natural way loving him, thinking of him and repeating his name; but why?  

Well, Baba is the very embodiment of the forces of Silence that are responsible for the New Creation, so focusing on him is the surest way to align with the New World.  Just as divine fires are anchored on earth through building a fire in a Dhuni, Silence was anchored on Earth through Beloved Baba observing silence. And he wanted us to make him our constant companion, remembering that he is here now; not at the end of a some remote future.  

More importantly, one gradually recognizes that focusing on Beloved Baba has a purpose far more significant than personal spiritual gain.  Namely, that by focusing on Baba, we help anchors him, his Silence, his second miracle and his new world down into the mundane world for the benefit of others. Repeating his name streams down his Silence in cascades of love into the world.  Baba is known to have explained that even he took his own name. And yet, in our zeal we must not forget his admonition that:

"I would prefer to make a hundred people love God to converting millions to Babaism. Arrange meetings only if they will be work done for God and not just to make Baba well-known."


Why Love?

Love is the only force that can create Unity, and big time Unity requires big time Love, which Baba inundated creation with. Indeed, love is the very heart of Baba’s Messages; Love, Love and more love.

Where there is love, there is Oneness and, in complete Oneness, the Infinite is realized completely at all times and in every sphere of life, be it science, art, religion, or beauty.


Love is dynamic in action and contagious in effect. Pure love is matchless in majesty; it has no parallel in power and there is no darkness it cannot dispel. It is the undying flame that has set life aglow. The lasting emancipation of man depends upon his love for God and upon God's love for one and all.

THE PATH OF LOVE, pp. 67-71

In the new world, differences and distinctions fade away in the bright rays of love and equality replaces hierarchy.  Each person will play his or her distinct note in the divine symphony as an equal participant with equal importance, and in a way that best harmonizes with the music of life itself.  Furthermore, motivations are no longer based on guilt and fear but spring naturally from love.


The greatest romance possible in life is to discover this Eternal Reality in the midst of infinite change. Once, one has experienced this, one sees oneself in everything that lives, one recognizes all of life as his life, everybody's interests as his own. One is no longer bound by habits of the past, no longer swayed by the hopes of the future — One lives in and enjoys each present moment to the full. There is no greater romance in life than this adventure in realization."

Online Lord Meher, pp. 1436, 1932

This Divine Love is indiscriminate and knows no bounds; it is love for him and for all that is him; that is to say, love for this entire universe, regardless of how perfect or imperfect we perceive it to be.  Above all, it is love for the sake of love, which alone brings lasting happiness. Baba explained:

Divine Love will perform the supreme miracle of bringing God into the hearts of men and of getting them established in lasting and true happiness; it will satisfy the greatest need and longing of mankind. Divine Love will make men selfless and helpful in their mutual relations and it will bring about the final solution of all problems. The new brotherhood on earth shall be a fulfilled fact and nations will be united in the fraternity of Love and Truth. 

THE PATH OF LOVE, pp. 67-71

I consider one as my center who loves me wholeheartedly for the sake of love. God may make me give that gift which is permanent. Only God is real.

Online LORD MEHER, pp. 3380

Part 5
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