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When your desires are distilled,

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To Love More and Be Happy




The archetypal garden, Paradise, derives its name and its symbolism from the Old Persian word “paradisia” and the Avestan word “Pardeiza”, which literally means an ornate walled garden. All the elements of the Persian Garden are purposefully employed to create a replica of the celestial or perennial garden on earth where people could relax, indulge in spiritual meditation and connect with beauty of nature.
"Hafezieh" Virtual Tour 

Hafezieh is the resting place of Hafez Shirazi.  A breath taking mausoleum standing tall in an ornate garden setting in northern part of Shiraz, Iran.  This hidden gem is the place of pilgrimage for scholars and lovers of Persian poetry and literature.
Hafezieh Resting place of Hafez in Shiraz

Hafez, according to Meher Baba, was a Perfect Master who lived about 700 years ago (1325-1389). "One who knows the Koran by heart is called a Hafez, that one whose heart and soul is dedicated to the service and thoughts of God alone." 

In his lifetime, Hafez became God-conscious. In describing Hafez's poetry, Meher Baba  said, "Half his ghazals he composed before Self-Realization, and the other half after he was realized by Attar. These ghazals are beautiful beyond words, quite unique and most wonderful. His earlier compositions depicted his great joy and bubbling enthusiasm."

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The couplet below is taken from a letter written by Meher Baba on December 30, 1921, to Dr. Abdul Ghani Munsiff, a mandali (close disciple) member and childhood friend. The following was written in Persian at the top of the letter:


“May our head of devotion and friendship be placed at the threshold of the Lord-Friend, Because whatever we are passing through is His Will, His Kindness and His Friendship."

Hafez First Gazel
All Ghazals will be shared with in dept translations into English accompanied by beautifully customized in-house Persian audio recitings orchestrated with select  exquisite classical music to nourish your soul. 
Please check regularly for the latest

Translation (into English) done by: 

Reza Abrahimzadeh

If You Wish for the Beloved’s Presence


Let the wine cup go around to reach me, O’ Saki,

And hear my tale of the Path of Love;

A Path that seemed so easy at first, so paved,

But then came its many ups and downs.


Lovers wake up hoping that the morning breeze

Will carry the Beloved’s musky scent on its ethereal wings;

And the mere thought of untangling those wavy black curls

Churns their hearts and makes them blissfully bleed.


Obey the guidance of the Magian’s Elder

And wash your prayer mat in red wine

Despite being forbidden in the faith of Islam;

Because Seekers more advanced on a journey so long

Take a timeless pause at such rest stops;

They know the Station, the Space, the State.


That Space, the Beloved’s Abode,

Is no safe haven to tarry and indulge,

With the Caravan Master ringing the camel bells oft and loud

Calling the wayfarers to rise up and get packed.


Crossing this whirlpool separating us, Beloved,

With fearsome waves lashing in darkness, Oh such fright,

That those resting leisurely at the shore, so happy and carefree,

Can’t even imagine in their unburdened lot.


Following my own ways and whims

Has brought me nothing but ill fame

How can something like this remain a secret

When it keeps going round and round?


If you wish for the Beloved’s Presence,

Do not be absent from Him,

And when you run into someone you fall in love with,

Leave the world, and close your eyes to it!


الا یا ایها الساقی ادر کأسا و ناولها


که عشق آسان نمود اول ولی افتاد مشکل‌ها

به بوی نافه‌ای کآخر صبا زان طره بگشاید

ز تاب جعد مشکینش چه خون افتاد در دل‌ها

مرا در منزل جانان چه امن عیش چون هر دم

جرس فریاد می‌دارد که بربندید محمل‌ها

به می سجاده رنگین کن گرت پیر مغان گوید

که سالک بی‌خبر نبود ز راه و رسم منزل‌ها

شب تاریک و بیم موج و گردابی چنین هایل

کجا دانند حال ما سبکباران ساحل‌ها

 همه کارم ز خودکامی به بدنامی کشید آخر

نهان کی ماند آن رازی کز او سازند محفل‌ها

حضوری گر همی‌خواهی از او غایب مشو حافظ

متی ما تلق من تهوی دع الدنیا و اهملها

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