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Remember Baba is constant, and Baba is always here.
Of course the veils cover up this truth, and we think it's lost or forgotten.
But he is always here. He is always here with open arms and infinite love. Loving us as we are. For he knows that he is our real self. He knows the perfection of everything.
He knows that all else is illusion, a dream, a passing show.

We all know this too. We have everything we need within. Just pause and connect with the truth.

But again and again we get hooked by Maya. By our sanskaric thoughts, by our deep emotions and heart's desires.
Notice the restless feeling when getting hooked and identified with the ego. It's a natural process. Nothing is wrong. Just notice with the love of your real higher self.

Keep coming back home to the truth, Baba within. Baba, who is the only constant. Baba, who is the only reality. Baba, who is always in charge, taking care of the show. His duty is to keep bringing us back to truth, dissolving the falseness.

It all belongs, yet it's all transient. It's all His creation. So hold on only to Him, and you will feel safe and secure. Let all else be and just notice. Let all else go to Baba, for one cannot hold on to the transient waves without getting tossed around and beat up.
Just hold on to the master, who is always here, always constant, keeping you safe and secure for eternity.

Thank you dear Baba

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