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Our efforts are not in trying harder. Rather the effort is in attention and intention - ie a different perspective from our egoic way of living.


Noticing and allowing our inner and external experience as it is. Baba is always helping us, and what we're experiencing is His intention.

We need to feel to heal. Baba tells us that our various emotions are ok. They are not bad or good. They don't need to be pushed away or fixed. They are simply our experience in that moment. 


The sooner we can accept the moment as it is, we have more space see and live from our higher self, which is always present but sometimes dormant.

Our higher self sees emotions and takes them lightly, even if the ego is crashing around in them.


One breath at a time. One "Baba" at a time. His love carries us through everything.

So let go of trying to control your experience.

Make your intention everyday to love the life that's hear, and to see the divine in every moment.


Thank you Baba

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