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My heart is crying out, please stop, Please stay, please be here.

Please let everything be as it is.

Please be kind to what is here. It all belongs.


And yet my mind will resist, pushing the moment away, wanting it to be different.

Criticizing, and then trying to control its own thoughts and emotions.


The noise of the mind makes it hard to hear the heart.

But when we stop, with the intention to just be with what is, listening, then there's a bit more space. 

We contact difficulties and beauty, knowing it's all ok. It all belongs.


Resistance is a familiar friend, sneaking around in disguise.

Stop and say hello when it arrives.

Even resistance belongs, for it too is just trying to help.

When it all belongs, it all dissolves in oneness.


So pause, with just the intention to let be. This too. This too. This can all be held in the loving kindness that is always here.


Jai Baba

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