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The many faces of the ego

You sneak in without me noticing,

So sleek and sly like a wolf

Your goal is to take over,

And be the one who writes the book.


You have many different faces,

Personalities to protect,

Together they form an ego,

A mask that hides the rest.


The performer puts on a show,

Seeking praise and admiration,

The judge sees life as black or white,

Due to lack of affirmation.


The controller tries to be in charge,

With dislike of ambiguity,

Rumination becomes a vocation,

For fear of uncertainty.


The victim has been hurt before,

A past that's hard to let go,

Not trusting of another's actions,

Nor in favour of their words.


And finally there is the doer,

Who strives to accomplish and achieve,

"Otherwise in failure I am unworthy"

Is what it tends to believe.


The faces of the ego,

Make many appearances through the day,

But the one thing to remember,

Is it's just another play.


Please treat them with gentle kindness,

For they served a purpose at one time,

Layer by layer let them surrender,

Rest their faces and their minds.


Beyond the mask,

There is a soul,

A love that makes you,

Complete and whole,

And though we like to run and roam,

With love we always come back home.

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