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The Boys

In Persian


By:  Bob Mossman and Farshid Namiranian

Persian translation by Shahin Khorsandi

In 1927, Meher Baba initially established only the Meher Ashram, which offered a full academic curriculum as well as instruction in spirituality. Just months after the ashram began, a number of boys began to lean much more towards the spiritual offering, which on many days was being given to them directly by their Spiritual Master, Meher Baba.

Divine Love quickly took hold of a handful of youngsters and the Prem (meaning love) Ashram was created.

The Boys looks at three of these lads – Esphandiar Vesali, Abdullah Pakravan (Chota Baba), and Syed Ali. Their challenges, their agonies, and the unbounded ecstasies each achieved, while under Meher Baba's guidance and strict regime of spirituality at the Prem Ashram.

The different lifetime stories associated with this Prem Ashram trio adheres tightly to the original Prem Ashram spiritual connection established; and how all three treasured and held fast to this precious Divine Love throughout their adult lives.

Published by Oceanic Publishing, 2020

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